dhtmlxWindow and Java Applet


I’m working on website which is using Java Applet. Also I would like to show some information using dhtmlxWindow.

The problem is that window I’m creating is hiding behind Applet.

I’ve tried using .stick(); function but it had no effect.

Any help appreciated.

Please, provide us you browser, OS and DHTMLX version.
In old IE browsers it is known issue, and is it a browser’s issue, not DHTMLX.

I’m using Google Chrome v.35.0.1916.114m browser, Windows 7 OS and DHTMLX 3.6 (Standard edition build 131108).

I was able to fix this issue with changing this._isIE6 = false; to this._isIE6 = true; (line 2962 of dhtmlxwindows.js) using other post on forum.

But I’m wondering if there is simpler method without changing the sources.