dhtmlxWindow attachURL invalid argument

Hi, bit of a noob with dhtmlx and coding like this but what i have seen so far is awesome.

I have built to pages one is a login page and the other is an test application page.
the login page just simply has a window on it and I have attached a URL that contains 2 input fileds and a button that I have an onlclick even on. It validates the form and submits the page using document.form1.submit() this then goes to a PHP page that processes the user sets up some session variables and then redirects to the application page using [code]

<?php header('Location: main.php'); ?>

[/code] the application page has a 3U layou and tabs attached to area ‘b’ and in the forst tab is a grid that gets info from a mysql database. in the grid I have an “onRowSelect” event attacehd that opens a model window and uses the attachURL method to diplay the contents of the record clicked.

this is where the errror is thrown… “Invalid argument” Line 9, Character 24 in dhtmlxLayout/codebase/dhtmlxcontainer.js… If i then just press F5 to relode IE8 and click any of the rows in the grid i do not get the error again.

I have also setup a logout script that when I click the logout link (which is just a A REF pointing to onClick event) it redirects using window.document.URL = "../includes/logout.php"; this page kills all my session variable then redirects back to the original login page that displays the login window again… and here the error has appeared again… but it is only there after a page redirect…??? if i reload the page the error is gone. If i remove the attachURL code for both windows then the error does not appear at all.

I have spent sever days trawling through the forums for help on this but have not yet found a solution. please help. I am not a coder so my code is probably a bit messy but I have attached the 2 pages I am speaking about in so you have a better idea of what I have done.

Please help…
dhx.rar (4.74 KB)


we have tested code that is called in the doOnRowSelectedMemoGrid function - it works without any errors. Do you use 2.6 version of the components ?

If the problem with occur, please provide the demo that contains all necessary files and without server-side scripts.

As i mentioned I only seem to get the error after the page redirection. If after your refresh the page the error does not re occur until the next page redirection.

As requested I have attached a rar file containing all files I have. I have removed all server side scripts and hard coded the session variables, memo grid data and memo content.

the only files not included are the DHTMLX files and icons that i used which are just the fam fam silk icon library

I still get the error and yes sorry I am using v2.6
app_test.rar (10.7 KB)


so… I’ve opened “index.php”, pressed login and redireted to “main.php”. Here I’ve clicked on the grid row - a window appears. No error messages.
If the problem still actual, please provide detailed instruction how to recteate it

i do not know what is going on as i can no longer replicate the problem myself. I can only assume that there has been some sort of windows update lastnight and upon turning my computer on this morning all is well.

I have tried to replicate on several other machines and they seem to be ok also.

Thankyou for your time and I’m sorry for any inconvieniance…

one last question if I may… what is the best way to add a form to a window as i don’t seem to able to use attachForm in the window hence me using attchURL in my login window on the index.php page.