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Hi again.

Could you show me how to create a window that covers the full page size and resizes as the browser is resized?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


To fill alll space of window you can use

The window will take all viewport ( which is all document.body by default )

There is no auto-size mode, but you can use
It will update window size after each resize of browser’s window.

My platform: dhtmlx Suite Standard on HTML/ASP/Javascript based server (no PHP).

Hi. I have 2 questions please.

Using dhtmlxLayout/samples/02_conf/05_autosize.html with Layout “5I” as the base HTML.

Q1: How do i make window (w1) maximize to fullscreen(viewport) when i load the page?

Q2: How do i do write the Autosize (HOR: a d e + VER: b c d) code into the page so that it is set by me and not adjustable by the user?
(in other words, removing the selection boxs and associated script and embedding it into the code)

If you could show me the re-written script please as i’m still a beginner.



How do i make window (w1) maximize to fullscreen(viewport) when i load the page?

you may call maximize() method:


The second issue isn’t clear enough. Please expain it in detail.

Thanks for the reply. :wink:

After re-writing the script “win.maximize();” to “dhxWins.window(“w1”).maximize();” and placing it in various parts of the script, I managed to get it to work. Thanks. :smiley:

I am using the same sample file (dhtmlxLayout/samples/02_conf/05_autosize.html)
I have set the “Layout” to “5I” within the script.
I have now added the “dhxWins.window(“w1”).maximize();” to the script.

The script now looks like this:

Does that make more sense?


Possibly the following:

dhxLayout = dhxWins.window(“w1”).attachLayout(“5I”);

Here is details about setAutoSize method
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … etautosize

Thank you. That all works great. :smiley:

I must have missed that page when looking through the documentation. :blush: