DhtmlxWindow - Loading message


I am using Dhtmlx PRO v2.5 and with DhtmlxWindow v2.5also.

When creating a window, dhtmlxWindow only shows the content of the page after its fully loaded apparently. The problem is that I dont see a “loading…” message of a loading icon.

Is there a loading message possiblity on DhtmlxWindow?

If not, do you kniow a workaround to do this?
I trid to create a div with a loading image and on "$(document).ready(function() " hide this div, but Dhtmlx apparently only loads the page when its ready.

Thanks in advance


You may change the window title. For example:

while the page is loaded, use

dhxWins.window(id).setText(“Loading . . .”);

after loading:

dhxWins.window(id).setText(“Window title”);