dhtmlxWindow Login page


how to used dhtmlxwindow for the login form scenario.

this my case .

i have an application used dhtmlxlayout for main application (app.php)

in app.php should check the session of the user , if the session is invalid the login form displayed, after user enter user and password correctly login form closed and return to the app.php with the new session.

script that i already used :






$appId = $_GET[‘appId’];

$context = $_GET[‘context’];

$session = 0;

$param = new CParam(“include/config.ini”);

$db = new CConnection();



$section = “rad_database”;


$serverName = $param->getParamValue(“server”);

$dbName = $param->getParamValue(“dbname”);

$userName = $param->getParamValue(“username”);

$password = $param->getParamValue(“password”);

$port = $param->getParamValue(“port”);








$conn = $db->getConn();

$sql = “select * from radapplication where app_id = $appId”;

$rs = $conn->Execute($sql);


$radapp = $rs->FetchNextObject();

$header = $radpp->HEADER_IMAGE;


<?php echo $radapp->APP_NAME?>


if($session == 1){









for example thereis form input username and password

if checking success

window login closed and in the app.php the value of $session must be 1 or (later i can used php session to handled it ).

window login closed
on successful login, login.php must contain next line

>>and in the app.php the value of $session must be 1 or
Technically, you need to reload page, right?
It can be initiated by adding, the next line to successful login.php output