DhtmlxWindow Modal bug on IE6


I notice that the modal feature of Dhtmlx Window is some kind buggy in IE6. The modal works on FF, Safari, Chrome. The modal works by putting a gray transparent panel behind the window and anything in behind the window is unclickable because of this trasparent panel. But in IE6 the trasparent panel seems to appear only on the top. Its covering like 10pixel of height from the top only not the whole document body. Modal work perfectly on other browser.


Try to set width/height 100% to and margin 0px.

I try that but it pushes the some of my divs below. It did create some sort of a modal panel with transparent background but like what i said the content of my page was move below and I need to scroll down. Do you have any other solution besides making width/height of the to 100%.

Could you please attach a demo files to reproduce the issue?

I can’t attach the demo files here in a public forum. This is a corporate prototype application. Just give an email address where I could send these files.

You can send it to the support@dhtmlx.com