dhtmlxWindow movement limitation under firefox

good morning,

first of all, my code:

this code works, using this code on IE6 or above, without any problems.

with firefox 3.0.10, i am not allowed to move the window up or down, just left or right.

if I change the div to a table for example, I can move the window up and down as well (unfortunately without my content :wink: )

my content is created with my own php module handler, which works fine without windows.

any ideas?


the reason for the problem is that page size doesn’t allow you to move window. If you set the viewport with appropriate size or  define  body  height (bigger than window height), it will be possible to move window:

<body  style=“height:1000px;”>

perfect, thx a lot

finally didn’t add any height to my body-style, but added some js after loading the body-tag:


This worked just perfect with both browsers :wink: