dhtmlxWindow "onClose"

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'conf' of undefined(anonymous function) @ dhtmlx.js:9a.callEvent @ dhtmlx.js:9_winOnMouseDown @ dhtmlx.js:9

This data is not enough to find the issue.
Please, provide more data/description or attach completed demo with steps of reproducing

on Version: 4.1.3 no error
on Version: 4.2.1 no error
on Version: 4.3 it appears

We need to see how do you use this event, what is attached to the window, etc. Without demo we can’t help you: locally windows work correctly

sorry cant do demo too complex

I using on scheduller to open new window after lightbox is seen.

docw_form.attachEvent("onClose", function(close){ docw.vp.style.zIndex = "-1"; return true; });

in window currently attached tab with accordion and inside accordion Form with various combination.

downgrade to v.4.2.1 w/o annoying message.

maybe some issue when loaded scheduler with dhtmlx.js ?


open/edit dhtmlx.js and find:


replace with:


all working w/o annoying message.