Let say I have a popup window with multiple buttons displayed. Depending on which button is clicked, I want to load the “current” popup window with the related URL.

So how do I reload the current window? Is there something like:


Please find example here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … h_url.html

Yeah.  I’ve seen that example.  It’s not really what my problem is.  That example is referencing the window from the parent page.  What I want is…when I load in a page into the dhtmlxWindow using attachURL like such.


and test.php has lets say 3 links.  Each link can refresh the same window with a different page using attachURL.  test.php has javascript in its header to do the attachURL for each link.  Make sense? 


I did find a way after I submitted the question last night using the following sytax. 

parent.oWindows.window(“w1”).attachURL(url, true).  //oWindows is declared global in parent page.

Is this the correct solution or is there another way?  Seemed like the only way to get a handle on the current window was to go back and reference from the parent.


If realoding functions will called from page attached to window, you need to use parent.dhxWins.window(id)…,
also make sure variable dhxWins declared as global variable.
When any url attached into window, dhxWins.window(id)._frame became available and links to iframe, which contain attached document.
Changing src attribute is better for performance than attaching url againg using attachURL.