dhtmlxWindows and Flash


I have attached an HTML-file that illustrates the two problems described below.
I have only tested with IE7 and FF3.6.8 and dhtmlxWindows v2.5/v2.6

  1. The flash application restarts when closing a window.

Only FF seems to display this behavior. Follow these steps to recreate the problem:

  • Click the “Attach Flash1” button.
  • Wait for the car to start spinning, then close the “dummy window” below.
  • The flash starts from the beginning, displaying “Loading…” before it again starts spinning.
  1. Events are not sent to the embedded flash.

This problem only occurs with IE. Follow these step to see the problem:

  • Verify that dragging the boxes around works in Flash2 works.
  • Click the “Attach Flash2” button.
  • Dragging the boxes around no longer works as well, the display is only updated when the mouse button is released.

The last flash application displays a similar event problem. If you hover the mouse above the colored buttons, the lighting of the button slightly changes, but after the flash is attach to the window, this mouseover effect is gone.

The event problem goes away if the “wmode” attribute in the “embed” tag is removed, but having the embedded flash objects be either “opaque” or “transparent” is necessary in order to be able to “stack” windows containing these flash objects correctly.
windows_and_flash.zip (908 Bytes)


Please try to use attached dhtmlxwindows.js
dhtmlxwindows.js.zip (19.2 KB)

Thank you. The patch solved all the described flash problems we were seeing.