dhtmlxWindows attachEvent Help

I cannot get any attachEvent call to fire, I have tried both onContentLoaded, onShow, etc.

Code snippet below:

function dialog_show_error(err_text)


var winId = “diag_error_display”;

var win = dhxLayout.dhxWins.createWindow(winId, 0, 0, 400, 200);

win.setText(“An Error Has Occured”);








win.attachURL("/cp/inc/dialog/diag.error.php?error_text="+escape(err_text), true);


Please try the following:




This has corrected the issue (the event fires now)…
So am I to understand that when using the dhxLayout loaded version of dhxWins you cannot attach individual events to a window then?

Along those same lines, I cannot get custom icons to show for a window either (using full and relative paths):

    var win = dhxLayout.dhxWins.createWindow(winId, 0, 0, 400, 200);
    win.setIcon(“http://cms.local/_media/ico/16x16/tb/Close.png”, “http://cms.local/_media/ico/16x16/tb/Close.png”);


    var win = dhxLayout.dhxWins.createWindow(winId, 0, 0, 400, 200);
    win.setIcon("/_media/ico/16x16/tb/Close.png", “/_media/ico/16x16/tb/Close.png”);

The default icon is removed, but the image will not show up, just a blank spot where the icon should be.

Answered my own question on the Icon issue.
Using the getIcon() function after setIcon() i see that it is just appending the setIcon() parameter to the end of the Image Directory string, so i guess only images under the setImagePath() directory can be assigned.