dhtmlxwindows bringtotop

I have dhtmlxwindows working fine in Firefox.

When I open the same dhtmlxWindow in IE, bringtotop does not work completely. I have some grids in the background. Some of the cells in the background have elements. These elements are show in the dhtmlxWindow. If the background grid does not have element, it works fine

The problem caused not by z-index, this is known issue with select controls in IE.
With current version of grid - the only way to workaround issue - use window in modal mode. ( while window in modal mode, it will successfully cover selectboxes in IE )

It works with out setting it to Modal in IE 7. it does not work in IE 6.009 even if we set it ti Modal

Please try to use js file from attached sample instead of original one - it will work with IE6 correctly.

demo.zip (64.4 KB)

This really works. It also solves the problem I had  in using modern_blue skin

Now we have a new problem with this code, It works in Firefox . But  in IE 7 and in IE 6, I get the following message

Internet explorer can not open this site … Aborted

This happens when the following statment is executed.

var dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows();

The demo, we had provide, works fine both in IE6 and IE7 on our side.
Bug cannot be repeated. Could you please clarify your question?