dhtmlxWindows does not fire oncontentloaded for attachurl

dhtmlxWindows does not fire oncontentloaded for attachurl in IE11.

This can be demonstrated here:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … .html#code

It does work when setting the second parameter to true for ajax.

I have resolved this by going in to dhtmlxcontainer.js and removing:

if (_isIE) section…and letting it go to the else section where it sets fr.onload instead of fr.onreadystatechange

Have you fix patch for IE11?

Yes…and the link I posted is to your latest version online…simply go to IE11 and test at your site.


Please, provide us completed demo including all js/css files on support@dhtmlx.com - we will send them back with fix.

I’m confused at why you want me to provide you with code? I have resolved this in your library…and your example online is sufficient to reproduce this.

Simply go to your example online using IE11:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … 3_url.html

and click the Attach URL button…and you will see that it does not produce an ALERT like the Attach URL Ajax button does.

Please let me know if you do not see this behavior.


unfortunately examples updated not too quickly, and we planned to add fixes directly into your code. demos we usually ask with completed code because users often use any customizations. so to keep unbroken logic after modifying sources on our side - completed demo is ok.

the same with your request. inside library issues already fixed, but samples wasn’t updates, we do not know were there updated on your side in your code or not. You can request for latest version in our sales department (sales@dhtmlx.com) (both std and pro) or send us your demo.

Thanks for the update. The issue is solved when I use your code. However, if the call is for a JavaScript file (containing DHTMLX JS Code) only the file text is displayed and not the execution of the script. My URL will not be a HTML file, it will be a JavaScript file.

Kindly help out as I want to load the script execution in the window and not list the script.

Thanks in advance.