dhtmlxWindows _frane.src does not change

Hi! I need an urgent answer to this one.

I’m using toolbar to create a browser-like menu in a window.

The problem i’m having is with the back button.

I made an array ( arr[]) that should store the url of a window once the content is loaded.

The array itself function great but for all of ‘index’ values it stores the same initial page set with attachURL(), in this case the google page.

function zGoogle() {

w4 = dhxWins.createWindow(“w4”, 200, 150, 400, 350);

var bar = w4.attachToolbar();

bar.addButton(“inainte”, 0, “Inainte”, “”);

bar.addButton(“refresh”, 1, “Refresh”, “”);

bar.addButton(“inapoi”, 2, “Inapoi”, “”);

bar.attachEvent(“onClick”, function(id){browsePage(id);});// this function works perfect… if only i could get that array working




index = 0;

var arr= new Array();


index = arr.length;

arr[index] = w4._frame.src;

alert(index+" - "+arr[index]);// for testing … it’s always 1 - google , 2 - google , 3 - google … you get the point


Hope you can help me! Thanx in advance!


please, take a look at teh attached sample - possibly it’ll help to resolve the issue

1246346989.zip (72.5 KB)