dhtmlxWindows incompatable with dhtmlxGrid


I have a HTML/JS code thatsr running in an HTML FRAME. It then defines an IFRAME and load code that builds/handles a dhtmlXgrid. This all works fine.

Problem - when the main JS pops up a dhtmlXwindow over the IFRAM that has the dhtmlxgrid, I can’t maniuplate the dhtmlxWindow… any time I click on it the click “goies through” to the dhtmlxgrid.

I tried moving the dhtmlxWindow code to the code running in the IFRAME and that works better but still has issues when I close the dhtmlXWindow I can’t click checkboxes in the grid any longer.

Is tere anyway to make these two (great;-) applications work better together ?

Thanks !!

Steve Borruso

Please try to use updated version of dhtmlxwindow, it must not cause post effects after window closing.
     support@dhtmlx.com )

It’s working now with the new dhtmlxwindos.js that you pointed me to. When I close the pop up dhtmlxwindow, I can interact with the

the dhtmlxgrid now without any problems. It was acting like the onclick event wasn’t being recognized in the grid after a dhtmlxwindow was opened.

Working fine now … Thnaks !!!