Dhtmlxwindows.js disturbs page layout

As i try to include dhtmlxwindows.js file to create windows the alignment of my JSP elements is disturbed and everything is left aligned. Does my JSP contains some element with id that the windows js file manipulate.
If i remove the js file everything works great.
I think windows js file creates sort of window viewport that can be causing the issue? It attach two css classes “dhtmlx_winviewport” and “dhtmlx_skin_dhx_skyblue” to body element.

I’m using version dhtmlxSuite_v26_PRO_100722

If you use default viewport which is document body, dhtmlx_skin_dhx_skyblue is set to the body. However, no css properties are set to the body.

Created window has absolute position that should not disturb page layout too.

If you defined viewport by setViewport method, then component creates the absolutely positioned container with defined settings and sets dhtmlx_winviewport css class for it.

You may use approach that is used in the dhtmlxWindows/samples/02_viewports/03_render_as.html sample. In this case, the existent html container will be a viewport.