Dhtmlxwindows setImagePath not working

Hi all,

I am currently running dhtmlxwindows v3.5, and am trying to attach a window to an onclick response of a menu (generated from a right click of a grid, if you must know).

I’ve been having a whole heap of problems with this, but have now boiled it down to the window not displaying some of its images.

I created a test page that looks something like:

I then manually call test() from my browser console.

My images are stored in /framework/framework/images/dhtmlx/dhxwins_dhx_blue.
However, when I run test(), I get the following:

404 Not Found - localhost:8082/framework/framewo … uttons.gif"

This seems to occur for all the images. The only one that seems to be affected by setImagePath is icon_normal

Any help would be appreciated!


Window tries to search the image here:
not here:

Hi Darya,

I realise its looking in a different location. But isnt the point of setImagePath() to give you the ability to change where the images are located?
Is there something else I’m missing?



It is CSS: all the styles are looking for folder in
You can find it in CSS file dhtmlxwindows_dhx_blue.css
It would be better to have skins and their pictures at the same folder, as ‘codebase’ in a suit.

OK, so what you’re saying is that if I want them in a different folder, I need to modify the CSS.
I think creating a new folder is not really an option, because that will mess around with the project structure and may cause more confusion in the future.

So just to clarify then, what does setImagePath actually do?

About folders creation: it is very important for CSS. Pictures lie on the path which is buit concerning the CSS file. The rule is accepted: codebase/imgs/skin_name/ and the CSS files lie in codebase/imgs/skins/.

The method of the window setImagePath is used for its icons.

OK. Thanks for the clarification!

You are welcome!