dhtmlxWindows with dhtmlxAccordion - Content not appearing o

I’m having an issue with dhtmlxWindows embedded with dhtmlxAccordion.

The content appears within the accordion just fine when the window is first opened. However, upon closing the window and re-opening it, the content within the accordion is blank.



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this is correct behavior. When attachObject method is called, the object is moved into the accordion cell. And after you close window, it’s removed.

One of the possible solutions is to call code from showWindow() only once ( in order to create window). The logic of the close button can be changed, so the window will be hiden instead of closed. And in this case in order to show window again you can call only w1.show(). This solution allows to improve performance as the window object will be created only once:

w1.btns[“close”]._doOnClick = function() {w1.hide()}

function showWindow(){