dhtmlxwindows with toolbar doesnt close

when i attach a toolbar or layout to a window, it doesnt close at ones…
when i try to close the window, it first closes the toolbar or layout, and i have to click the close button another time to close the window…

how can i fix this?

Here is the working demo dhtmlxWindows/samples/08_components/06_layout.html

If the problem persists, please provide the demo where it could be recreated

is there also an example with a toolbar? because when i try to close to window when there’s a toolbar attached… i get the error:

this method is not supported by this object.

when i have a grid attached and try to close the window:

‘childNodes.0.childNodes’ is empty or not a object

Toolbar sample - dhtmlxWindows/samples/07_mn_tb_sb/03_tb.html

when i attach dhtmlxlayout to a window, and want to close the window…
i need to click the close button 2 times:

after first time the layout goes away
after the second click the window goes away…

how can i make it that both things close with 1 click?

need to click the close button 2 times

we have not recreated the problem in the 2.6 version.

i’m using version 2.6, still same problem?

We need the complete demo to recreate the problem. It should be without server-side scripts and contain all necessary libraries

does it have anything to do with the order of loading the js files?

if not i’ll try to make a complete example.

The order seems to be correct.

In case you make a demo - it seems that only windows and toolbar are necessary for it (there is not need to include grid, scheduler and other components)

I attached a example…
i have the last version from everything
example.rar (2.57 KB)


we have tested the page. The window diesn’t open at all. Window viewport is attached to the “winVP” container and layout to document body. So, layout goes over the viewport.

Try comment the following lines to fix the problem:


still doesnt work with those lines comment, i can see the popup.
its just when i close the popup, it first closes the content (dhtmlxlayout+grids), and the second time it closes the window itself…

i used winvp because i have layout attached to body already… but still doesnt work when i remove that…

Here is the working demo
example.zip (136 KB)

thnx! what did i do wrong?

I’ve just removed dhxWins.enableAutoViewport(false); and dhxWins.attachViewportTo(“winVP”); and included the files from the latest suite.