I would like to be able to group by two columns. For example, I have a list of invoice details that lists Vendor#, Invoice#, and Iinvoice Detail item. There can be multiple invoice detail items on an invoice.

I want to be able to group the list by Vendor then Invoice so the results would look something like this:


+Invoice 1

Invoice 1 Line 1

Invoice 1 Line 2

+Invoice 2

Invoice 2 Line 1

+Invoice 3

Invoice 3 Line 1

Invoice 3 Line 2

Invoice 3 Line 3

+Vendor 2

+Invoice 4

Invoice 4 Line 1

+Vendor 3

+Invoice 5

Invoice 5 Line 1

The + indicates where the grid can be expanded/collapsed.

How can I accomplish this?

This is not supported in current version of grid.
If you need to have grid grouped by two or more column - maybe you need to use TreeGrid component (dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxT … ndex.shtml)