dhtmxlLayout and dhtmlxTabbar issue (firefox 2.x)


I am trying to attach an dhtmlxTabbar object inside a dhtmlxLayout object cell.

The tabs are displayed correctly but they are placed inside the dhtmlxLayout object cell’s header.

The code is the following:

function drawTabs(){

tabbar = indexLayout.cells(“b”).attachTabbar();



tabbar.addTab(“intra_no_item_summary_tab”, “Summary”, “100px”);

tabbar.addTab(“intra_no_item_items_tab”, “Items”, “100px”);

tabbar.addTab(“intra_no_item_observations_tab”, “Observations”, “100px”);


indexLayout is the global variable for the dhtmlxLayout object.

Thank you for your time!

Actually this is expected scenario, while all other components uses only data part of the cell, tabbar use header of grid for tab elements, and data part of cell for tab content.
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxL … 8194120000