DHTMXVault Multiple Upload Issue


We are the licensed user of DHTML controls.

I have an issue while uploading multiple files. Few files are uploaded and the rest are skipped.

For ex:

If I upload 6 files then only 2 files are uploaded but the status shows “Done” for all the files.

I have made changes in the files since previously it clears the sessionid in the first file upload.

The issue was resolved by making the changes.

if (context.Request[“sessionId”] != null)


context.Response.ContentType = “text/plain”;

if (context.Application[context.Request[“sessionId”].ToString()] == null)


context.Application.Add(context.Request[“sessionId”].ToString(), 0);


if (context.Application[context.Request[“sessionId”].ToString()] != null)


int percent = Convert.ToInt32(context.Application[context.Request[“sessionId”]].ToString());


if (percent == -1)





What can be the issue? Why rest of the files were skipped?

Please help me on this.

Thanks and Regards,

Unnikrishnan S.N


Please send us the details by email - we want to reproduce this error to help you. Tell me your OS, browser, what kind of files (small, large, specific names?)

Thank you in advance.