dhtxmlx XMLString to Java Array


We are using Pro version and have a quick question. We are using grid to display data and has few text area and text fields that are editable. When user enters special characters the xml string is coming as it is and we have no idea how to parse those fields. we are using DocumentBuilderFactory to parse the xml. This is failing if we got any special characters. Is there any sample or best methods to parse these XML string at server side ( java).

You can serialize grid into xml and output cell values as CDATA sections:

setSerializationLevel(userData, fullXML, config, changedAttr, onlyChanged, asCDATA)

userData - enable/disable user data serialization

fullXML - enable/disable full XML serialization (selection state)

config - serialize grid configuration

changedAttr - include changed attribute

onlyChanged - include only Changed rows in result XML

asCDATA - output cell values as CDATA sections (prevent invalid XML)