dhx.alert in sequence

I’m making some tests with the alpha version and it seems an already quite good release.

I don’t know if is my low experience using this tool or maybe i’m indicating a little bug,
but if I put 2 dhx.alert in sequence, only the last one have effect.
My code is:

$$(“List1”).attachEvent(“onItemClick”, function(idItem){

dhx.alert(“first alert”);
dhx.alert(“second alert”);


Only “second alert” message is displayed

JS code can’t block execution as native alert box, so after showing dhx.alert code will continue execution, without awaiting the user’s reaction.

Also, in current design ui allows only one alert box in the same time, you can’t show two alerts in the same time. This part of design may be changed in future, but in most cases you will never want to have multiple alerts in the same time - it is pretty confusing. In one of next builds the Notification element will be added - it will be designed to show multiple non-blocking messages in the same time.

Have you considered possibly calling the alert with a callback to another alert??