dhx_cal_navline top fixed


I’ve a timeline scheduler and I’d like to have the dhx_cal_navline fixed at top, as the user could scroll down but he continue viewing the header (days, …)

I don’t think it’s already implemented, but how can I do it with CSS?



Please, share with demo link where the problem can be reproduced. As a rule dhx_cal_navline fixed at top. See example:

Hi, thx for guiding me.

The problem is that I was using the dhtmlxscheduler_container_autoresize.js extension. I suppose I need to avoid it in order to have an scrollable cal_data. As you can see in this snippet with the autoresize extension enabled the dhx_cal_navline and header aren’t fixed to top: docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/snippet/bd02718c

Without the autoresize extensions I’ve two problems:

Is it possible to solve these issues?



You can set css-style “position: fixed” to the elements, that you want fix at top. It should help to solve the issue.
See example: