DHX Grid : Context Menu for merged Cell

Hi there,

I am merging cells using context menu option “Merge Cells” in the Grid.

Can I have context menu option only for those merged cells as “DeMerge Cells” ???

dhtmlxMenu (it is used as the grid’s context menu) allows to hide and show its items.
For example context menu can initially contain two items “Merge Cells” and “DeMerge Cells”, but “DeMerge Cells” should be hidden (it can be done using hideButtons method):


And if cell is merged, “Merge Cells” has to be hidden:



Please, see the dynamic context menu sample n the documentation: dhtmlxGrid/samples/context_menu/pro_context_dynamic.html (dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … namic.html)

    Thats what I want to know. How to identify whether a particular cell is merged or not ???

You can try to use the following approach:

var isColSpan = grid.cells(id,index).cell.colSpan;