DHX Grid: Copy particular Cell's Value to Clipboard from con

Hi there,

How to copy particular Cell’s Value to Clipboard from context menu. (Not by selecting that cell context menu)

Means when I right click on (4,5) cell, then how to copy (1,1) cell value to CLIPBOARD ???

If you have dhtmlxgrid_nxml.js included, it can be done as

    This doesn’t work in FF. Why ?

FF block access to clipboard by default, need to be enabled separatly.
febooti.com/support/website- … board.html

Hi there,
             The said link says that we have to MANUALLY configure the about:config. But how can I tell the client those are using web-application on their site. ???
             I have to do it thru coding only. So is there some way ???

It is disabled on browser level , from security reasons. There is no way to enable clipboard from the script.