DHX Grid: Design Issue while showing scroll bar in Grid

Hi there,

I am facing following design problem in scroll bar

Image Link: img372.imageshack.us/my.php?imag … llaak1.jpg

Most probably issue caused by padding or margin styles assigned to grid elemenst. If you are using not full doctype , IE will work in backward compatibility modes which may cause such result.
To fix issue you can
- switch to full doctype ( standard mode of IE )
- update style so they will work correctly in both IE and FF ( it hard to suggest anything without having modified stylesheet )

   Why the Mozilla is not taking the full height of the grid, while IE takes the specified height mentioned in enableAutoHeight() ??

This is difference in used “box” model.
IE ( in backward compatibility mode ) includes the paddings|margins|borders in height of grid, FF not includes but adds size of such styles to the height of elements.
The grid has info about corrections for built-in skins, so it can handle both behaviors, but in case of custom styles - the problem may occur