DHX Grid : Problem after deleting one of the column which ar

Hi there,

After I merge two cells and then I delete the last column whose cell is merged, then automatically it combines the first cell with the next column’s cell.

I want to disable this functionality.

How to do this ???

The deleting column one of which cell included in colspan is not supported operation. While it may not throw direct js errors, grid doesn’t support such operation correctly. Column may be removed only when its cells not included in colspans with different columns ( or all such columns need to be removed )

     If I want to achieve the functionality that I want, What changes I need to do in the respected file(s) ???

The only way is
a) remove colspans from all spanned cells related to the column in question ( use setColspan with 1 as 3rd parameter )
b) remove column in question

    I did as you said.
    Following is the code :
    for (var i=0; i<=libTableGrid.getRowsNum(); i++)
    and then

    But now its not deleting any column (merged as well as non-merged)
    Whats the problem in the code snippet ?

The code which you are using not removes colspans
Workign sample sent by email.

Hi there,
             I didnt receive the working sample by mail.
             Please send me the working sample