DHX Grid: Removing sorting on filter header


How to remove the sorting when I click on #text_filter or any filter attached to the grid. Also want to remove the sort image on #text_filter ?? How to do this ?

Actuallu , when you clicking on any of built-in filters not any kind of in-grid sorting must occurs.
Built-in filters block onclick event , so as result not sorting occurs, but in same time there is no any in-grid event generated, so behavior can’t be customized.

You can remove sorting image when filtering started by using
return true;


I just want that when I click on the cell which contains filter, sorting should not occur for that column, I want sorting ONLY when I click on headers, not on the cell which contains filter(s).

How to do this ?

If you are using built-in filters ( #text_filter, #select_filter, etc. ) - they must block sorting by default.
If you are using custom inputs for filtering - you can block sorting by blocking onclick event as
<input onclick="(arguments[0]||event).cancelBubble=true;" … >

If issue still occurs for built in filters - please provide info about used version of grid and browser for which problem occurs.