DHX Grid: What could be different reasons if context menu is

Hi there,

Can you tell me all possible reasons why Grid context menu will not show, work in Internet Explorer (IE) 6 as well as in 7.

Its working perfectly in Mozilla Firefoz and Safari, but not in that browser.

Please help !!

Which version of menu and grid you are using?
If problem can be isolated - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed

Hi there,
             Grid Version: dhtmlxGrid v.1.6 Professional edition build 80512
             Menu Version: dhtmlxMenu v.1.0 Standard edition build 80512

             The menu object gets created, but is not shown in IE 6 and 7 and I dunno know why ?
             Works perfectly in Mozilla and Safari.
             Please Help !!

The problem can’t be reconstructed in local samples ( sent by email )
Are you using some kind of scrollable layout , where grid visible only after scrolling? ( there may be error in menu positioning in such case )

     I am using tabbar to show grid , on click of tab, I am showing Grid (AJAX call).

The same use-case works correctly locally.
Grid has onmousedown event handler, which will show menu, if right mouse button was pressed over some row in grid. Component doens’t relay on any logic outside of itself, so it must not be affected by surrounding.

Latest version of dhtmlxtabbar.js sent by email, please try to use it instead of original one.