:: DHX Grid :: Wrapping the text when no delimiter present.


How can I wrap the text present in the cell of the grid when there is not delimiter present in the text.

Example of the text:

1. sdfdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfdsfsdfsdfsdfsdf

2. rajakrishna_working_in_dhtmlx@gmail.com

To wrap text to a new line you can use mygrid.enableMultiline(true)

Unfortunately if your text has some long words without white-spaces - such words will not be breaked in few lines


Can we have some solution towards it ???
As I saw same thing working on excel perfectly…
Is there some kinda of logic or property that we can use ??

Can we have some solution towards it ???
Behavior is not related to the component , it just one from html rendering rules - text can be broken only on delimiters or spaces.
If you are using readonly cells - it possible to change the value of the cell, by adding invisible breaking chars - it will look as normal but will be able to auto-wrap. Please inform if you need a sample of such customization.

Adding the following style enables word wrap with no delimiters:  
word-wrap: break-word;

Yep, adding the next code can do the trick. ( expect of Opera, which doesn’t support break-word rule )

div.gridbox .obj td{
white-space: break-word;