DHX Layout, Windows: Some Error

Hi there,

I am getting following error when I try to use dhxLayout. Can you tell me whats the exact problem ?

Image Link: img83.imageshack.us/my.php?image … rorpn2.jpg


It seems that you’re using incorrect skin.

Hi there,
             I have used DHXLayout v2.0 and all other components like tree, tabbar and windows are of version v1.6, v1.2, v1.0 respectively. Is it because of that ???

It seems problem with windows.
What sking are you using? Are you using setSkin() method anywhere in the code in general?

Hi there,
             I am just including following

So, and what about setSkin() ?

Hi there,
Following is my code.

    DHX Layout with Tree, Tabbar, RTE