dhx scheduler timeline design

I need a custom design for my DHX scheduler time line view .
can we put custom html tags inside the event section (time line view) , please suggest me regarding this .
seems like this issue can be resolve using multi line event.
and is there any way to make time section (in time line view ) to fixed position.

thanks , regards

please give more details on desired look, if its possible - please attach some kind of sketch or mockup. There are several approaches for customizing the timeline, but it’s hard to suggest something without knowing what do you need.

If you mean ‘frozen’ rows - which are stays visible when you scroll timeline vertically - currently it’s not possible without quite complicated workarounds.

by referring this sample (samples/02_customization/20_multiline_event_bars.html) i done the time line customization .

I want to make time in Y-axis and sections in X-axis . please suggest me regarding this .
thank you .

currently there is not way to do this in a timeline view. I think the closest thing is a units view
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … _view.html
However it not allows Y-axis to have more than one day span

Hello ,
As per your suggestion I have created a unit view , that fixed design issue ( time in Y-axis )
but I need to set start time , end time , time step in Y-axis .
for now its showing time from 00:00 to 23:00 and time step is 1 hour ,
please suggest me how to do the above mentioned task .

waiting for your reply . … .