:: DHX Tabbar :: Problem with loading of tinyMCE RTE in in t

Hi there,

I am using tinyMCE in our project.

I am facing strange problem in Internet Explorer 8 that while loading RTE, it gives javascript error that “tinyMCE is not defined”.

But when I use the tag -->

it works perfectly fine but its of no use running project in compatibility mode of IE 8 as we actually want to run the project in non-compatible mode.

I am loading a page under tabbar which contains tinyMCE RTE.

Can u help me in this ?

I will be grateful!!!


do you use iframes loading mode to load content into tabbar ? Does issue occur only if page is loaded into tabbar ?

Hi there,

No We are not using iFrames. Yes the issue comes only when we load page from tabbar o.w normally it works in IE 8.

Please, try to use iframes loading mode to load page into the tab.

If the issue still occurs, please provide the complete demo to recreate it