:: DHX Tabbar :: Slow Performance in IE8, Safari 3.2.2, FF 3

Hi there,

Whenever I click on tab, it takes approx 5-7 secs to actually start loading the tab. Why it happens in these browsers ?

DHX Version: dhtmlxSuite 2008 Rel.2 Professional edition build 80512

DHX Grid Version: dhtmlxGrid v.1.6 Professional edition build 80512


tabbar can’t cause perfomance issue by itself. Probably loading of tab content takes the mentioned time.

If you load grid that is rather big, you should apply some approach to impove grid perfomance. For example smart rendering:


Please, see the samples: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … _datasets/

The same samples can be found in your package. Also there is an artcile dhtmlxGrid/doc/step-by-step/ch_biggrid.html in the package.