Dhx_web skin but no whitespace around tabbar content


is it possible to use the dhx_web skin but eliminate the whitespace is the tab content (or layout content or accordion content) and how would this be achieved?

To illustrate the problem: If you look at your skinbuilder you can see a white border around the content in the Book details tab. This is also the case for the grid in the Books rating layout cell.
I don’t want this whiteborder in the tab content, but I want to keep using the dhx_web skin.

Underneath a screenshot from our application:

Is there something similar to the following:

dhxLayout.cont.obj_offsetTop=0; dhxLayout.cont.obj_offsetHeight=0; ...

something like:


but for the content of the tabbar?

Arno Vanbeginne

It is a border. Apply:

.dhx_tabbar_zone_dhx_web div.dhxcont_global_content_area.dhxcont_tabbar_dhx_web { border: 1px solid white; }

Thank you very much, that’s exactly what I needed!

kind regards,
Arno Vanbeginne

You are welcome!