dhxCalendar in grid


I’ve got a grid loaded by XML with of the following cells:

col4: Pieces

col5: Delivery

Later on in the application, depending on what’s done, I want to change the type (excell) of the field using:

grid.loadXML(“webservice.php?type=dhtmlx&report=sample_order_row_list&where[o.sampleorder_id]=” + id, function() {

if (edit==true) {

ordergrid.setColumnExcellType(4, “ed”);

ordergrid.setColumnExcellType(5, “dhxCalendar”);



Now after doing this the values of column 5 disapear while the values in column 4 remain there and are normally editable.

So changing a column type from ‘ro’ to ‘ed’ works fine but changing it from ‘ro’ to ‘dhxCalendar’ fails and deleted the values in it!

What’s the solution for this?

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. What version of dhtmlxGrid do you use? Can you please provide example where we can reproduce this issue. (You can send such example directly to the dhtmlx.com/dhxdocs/doku.php?id=d … eteditable

Thanks for your answer, tonight we upgraded from 90301 Pro to 91111 Pro which solved the mentioned problem for us!