dhxCalendar in grid


I want to add a dhxCalendar in the grid. It’s working fine as is, but I need it to work a little differently.

I want a link that says “Add” and when a user clicks that link, I want it to trigger the calendar. To do this, when someone clicks on the Add link, I’m then change the cell type to dhxCalendar. The problem is I don’t know how to then popup the calendar. The following method is called when the “Add” link is clicked.

function chooseDate(link)
info_arr = link.id.split("_");
id = info_arr[1];
index = 2;

myGrid.setCellExcellType(id, index, "dhxCalendar");

// how to pop up the calendar from here?


The cell is successfully changing into a dhxCalendar cell but I have to click it again to get the calendar to open. I’m hoping there’s a way to manually trigger it.


Maybe you could use the selectCell/editCell methods. For example :

grid.selectCell(row, column); grid.editCell();

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