dhxCalendarA cell type slows down page

I have been using the pro version of dhtmlxGrid for quite some time and just recently started looking at the performance of the grid and came across an issue with the calendar control for editing cells. Using firebug to profile my code it appears that there is a calendar control created for each cell that is of the dhxCalendarA type. This results in the code being very inefficient and slow when adding several rows to the grid. Is there a setting that I missed that will allow the calendar control to be created only once and then reused for each of the cells that are configured for dhxCalendarA?

What version of dhtmlxGrid are you using? Such issue was fixed at the latest version.
Also, if you are using setDateFormat() method check if you are using “%” in date format mask.

We’re using version 1.5. I guess it’s time to upgrade.

And I’m using myGrid.setDateFormat("%m/%d/%Y");

The best way to fix this issue is to update your dhtmlxGrid version

Yeah we just upgraded to version 2.6 and made one change to our code for attaching an event and it runs incredibly fast now. Thanks.