DhxcalendarA excell type


I have a little problem with dhxcalendarA excell type in my Grid.
When i’m putting phaseGrid.setDateFormat(“%m/%d/%y”); instead of the usual phaseGrid.setDateFormat(“%m/%d/%Y”); the year get messed up and instead of putting 2005 it’s putting 3905 in the Calendar year field (same goes for 2011, etc…). The first 2 digits are wrong.
I’m putting this format to allow the users to put dates with the Year format “yyyy” and “yy” too.

I’m using Version 2.5 Pro


try to replace your dhtmlxgrid_excell_dhxcalendar.js with the attached one.
If issue still occurs for you please provide any kind of sample or demo link to reconstruct the bug.
dhtmlxgrid_excell_dhxcalendar.zip (1.99 KB)