dhxcombo in dhxgrid disables next input text item

i have a row of data, one column is a dhxcombo with several values, when you change the selected value of that combo using up or down on the keyboard and tab to the next item (which is just an input type=text), it becomes editable, and then immediately non-editable and solid sky blue.

NOTE: if the selection is on the first item in combo, pushing up arrow does not cause this problem, if it’s on the last item and you push down, this is not caused. This issue is only present when you use the arrow up or down key to change the selected value, then tab to next field.

I’ve tried looking at any and all events bound for these objects, both in the source for dhx and within our own source code and have come up empty.

Unfortunately the problem cannot be reconstructed locally.
Could you please, provide a complete demo or share a demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed locally.
Here you can find a tutorial about creating a complete demo:
docs.dhtmlx.com/tutorials__auxi … pport.html