dhxLayout disappears.

I am using a dhtmlxGrid, with a custom eXcell type, to show a small div below the cell.
The div[toggleDiv] comes into view, on click of the grid cell. The grid cell, toggles the div visibility.

I have used a dhXlayout within the toggleDiv. The dhxLayout view is 2U . The left pane has a list.


  • . .
[/code] I have registered a click event on the
    element. The toggle works perfectly fine until now. The problem begins when I attach an object to the second cell of the layout dynamically on every click.

    The click event handler, attaches a div to the right pane of the layout , based on what

  • element was clicked.
    For the same purpose, i have used, the following code inside the click handler.

    myDhxLayout.cells("b").detachObject(); myDhxLayout.cells("b").attachObject(<div based on li>);

    However, when I click any

  • element, the layout disappears. It is only the layout disappearing, as i can see the header and footer of the toggleDiv.
    The toggleDiv appears when i toggle the div back into view, by clicking the grid cell twice.

    This has to be a problem with the detachObject and attachObject functions, as I have found a crude workaround to this , by containing all divs needed in the right pane of the layout, and only changing their style.display property in the click handler. The work around has shown no problems.

    However, it would be nice to be able to just attach and detach the objects on click.



we need the complete demo (the sample we can reproduce the problem)