Diagram search scroll

Hi. is there a way to not have the vertical scroll bar when implementing the search for the diagram? Right now if I remove the div heigh, the search is not working!

Could you please, clarify what searching are you meaning?

Search for diagram, I think is called with combobox?

Could you please, clarify the exact control and the exact steps to reproduce the problem?

this one

if I remove the vertical scroll bar, search dosen’t work as expected

This search box is not a part of the dhx.Diagram. You can use any suitable combo/select you like.
In this snippet:
dhx.Combo is using as an example.

Yeah I know, the initial problem is the vertical scroll bar. When I remove it, the search not work as intended

Could you please, clarify what scrollbar are you meaning, and how the search process stopped working due to that?
Could you please, provide a code snippet or a complete demo with the exact instructions to reconstruct the issue?

just take the sample DHTMLX - Diagram. Shape search and remove the height of the

then try to do a search, it wont work. Is there a way to do it work without height?

What height do I need to remove?
Could you please, provide an updated snippet with premade changes?