Diagram, shape title

The data structure suggests the possibility to show the title of the shape, but it is not implemented?

Please, refer to the following sample:
docs.dhtmlx.com/diagram/samples … tyled.html

I tried it in FF 47 and 57,Chore 62,IE-11 and nothing happens.
I expect the show title when the cursor is on the shape.
Maybe expected something else?

title attribute in the diagram shape is not a tooltip, but just a title at the top of the shape:
var smallOrganogramData = [
id: “1”,
text: “Chairman & CEO”,
title: “Henry Bennett”,
img: “…/common/img/avatar-1.png”

:frowning:, but OK.
And what about ‘tooltip’ ?
And userdata too ?

Unfortunately currently it is not available to define a custom tooltip or a userdata for a diagram shape.