Dialog Hight in Metro and W3.CSS

Hi, i am using the gantt Metro Theme and W3.CSS in the same html file. As a result, the dilog height is different as if is dont use w3.css. This can be easilty reproduced by just insering a link to the w3.css in the header section of the example metro html page.

Any idea what this is about and how i solve this issue? My Layout depends heavily on w3.css.


I just found, this is a problem with all of the different themes, and to make it more worse … it effects all dialog elements inside the dialog. What can i do?

For those that are interested:
The support offered me a working solution …

looks like the very first css-definition from the w3.css causes this, please see screencast.com/t/HuFM3xx8kVJY

Please try to provide inside the page (after link with CDN ws.css provided)

html { box-sizing: content-box !important; }

Pavel Daleuski
Technical Support Specialist