Difference between DhtmlxGantt and Gantt Vue



I’m a french studient and I worked with DhtmlxGantt for my project. In the doc I saw “There are two different products, DHTMLX Gantt and Vue Gantt. While they are very similar in UX, they are very different in API.” but didn’t find explications or details.
Is there someone to explain to me the difference concerning the API please ?

Thank you for your help, I need to understand thoses differences before to have my exam.


DHTMLX Gantt is a Javascript library. It is highly customizable and has a lot of features.
Here are the samples:
You can use it in any framework that supports displaying HTML pages. That includes Vue.
Here is a guide for creating a Vue application with Gantt:

And here is a ready demo:

Vue Gantt is a native Vue application. Like other native components (React Gantt or Svelte Gantt) it doesn’t have a lot of features at the moment. And you can only run it on Vue. You can see most of its features in the following demos: