difference bwtween enableFilteringMode options...

I have a combox call…

var alfa3 = new dhtmlXCombo(“combo_service_id”, “alfa3”, 300, “image”);

If I use ‘enableFilteringMode’ in this manner…

alfa3.enableFilteringMode(true, “./includes/services_menu.php”, true, true);

The menu will not display anything when the DROP arrow is selected (box is empty)

Now, if I do it this way…



The menu displays just fine.

Any ideas why?


Basically - it was coded in such way :slight_smile:

When you using filtering with dynamical server side source ( first case ) - on moment of clicking, data not loaded yet ( it expected that data returned by any call is only part of global dataset, so full data will be never available on client side) - because no data available - no options shown.

In second case, on moment of clicking all data already loaded, so it may be shown

In first case - data loaded on demand
In second - data already exists on client

Thanks for the reply.

I can follow the logic, but it is a bit confusing to have 2 difference behaviors for the same method call.

I didn’t see that distinction outlined anywhere in the documentation.

But thx for your response(s) and a great tool!