Different between Enterprise and Ultimate version and private deployment


We are considering purchasing a Gantt chart software,In the course of our research, we were inclined to choose your software, but we had some questions about licens mainly about the differences between Enterprise and Ultimate

  1. On the price page, I see that the Enterprise version has a limit of 5 developers and 20 projects, how is this limit calculated, can you describe it to me more?

  2. We plan to bundle Gantt charts into our products as a Sass product and sell them together, is there a license issue with this?

  3. If our customers want to deploy our products, including Gantt charts, privately, is there a limit to the number of projects that can be deployed privately?

  4. Another question about the duration of the license, for example, if we buy the plan for a year, and fter a year, can we use it in production or can our customer still user it in private enviroment? or we must renew it before the plan expired.

  5. Finally about the price, I see that there is a 20% discount on the official website for renewals, can we get a better price if we buy a longer year at once, for example 5 years?


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