Different Calander instance for each user - Scheduler Drupal


I am wondering if there is a way of giving each user their ‘own’ calendar with the dhtmlxScheduler Drupal plugin? I want different users to have different calendars, which only they can see or edit.

Any help is appreciated.

Unfortunately it not possible ( standalone scheduler can be configured for such tasks, but plugin just hasn’t public settings for such functionality )

how can you do that on the standalone version?

if i have a user_id, i want to load the calendar based on the user_id.

is it the render_table function? i can pass it the table name, event_id, fieldnames but i’m not sure how you can pass a specific user_id.

Instead of render_table you can use render_sql

I just tried it and it works.

One more thing…

When I add a new event, it’s not saving under that ID.
Where do I go to update that piece?

Do you mean userID ?
In the same sample, there is a next code block, which do the job.

   $user_id = intval($_GET['user']);

   function default_values($action){
      global $user_id;
      $event_type = $action->get_value("event_type");
      if ($event_type == "")
         $event_type = 0;
      $action->set_value("userId",$user_id); // this is it!

Did you recieve an error type: Loadxml after editing events_rec.php. I didnt change anything but this file with the changes you guys suggested and I get that error with a description: Incorrect XML. Please let me know what u did that i didnt do.

Try to load the same php file directly in browser - it will show the more detailed error message

Here is what it shows. Is the message displaying because it does not have the userid in the xml and if so how do i make that change
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

<start_date>2011-03-23 00:23:00</start_date>
<end_date>2011-03-23 02:50:00</end_date>
admin calendar

<start_date>2011-03-24 00:45:00</start_date>
<end_date>2011-03-24 03:40:00</end_date>
test to see if post works

<start_date>2011-03-25 03:15:00</start_date>
<end_date>2011-03-25 07:50:00</end_date>

Above code snippet is related to samples\02_customization\shared_events sample, which uses DB table and render command with userId field.

The above XML seems to be produced by some other script which has not any userId in render configuration.

hello,i have the same problem too…but i’m in asp.net. how can i do it in asp.net?
i want to show the calendar based on the UserID in my website.how can i do that in asp.net?
i tried to find some example but nothing much help… :neutral_face:
please guide me how. really appreciate your help.